red bird: wildly soulful


Red Bird is an energetic and joyful Americana-soul band that communicates through powerful, vulnerable vocals and mind-bending guitar features. Their sound has been described as “unabashedly soulful with elements of blues and roots” by Vortex Magazine, and Good Day Oregon compares them to an impressive list of artists including Bonnie Raitt and Joss Stone.

Red Bird was formed out of mutual respect, friendship, and genuine love of playing music together, which shows in the quality of their performance and the contagious fun they have playing together. They take the stage intending to win the audience by capturing their attention, captivating them, taking them on a journey from the first note to the last.

What people are saying

If you like the music of Bonnie Raitt, Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone or Nina Simone, you will love Red Bird’s music. ”

— Stephanie Kralevich, More Good Day Oregon (Fox 12)

The result is a band that is unabashedly soulful with elements of blues and roots. Gregg’s formal vocal training is evident in her ability to trade in both tenderness and sheer force.”

Kelsey Greco, Vortex Music Magazine

[Bre Gregg has] this great voice, forceful one minute, tender the next, controlled yet simmering with feeling.”

Holly Johnson, Oregon Music News

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