Who is red bird?

Fronted by Bre Gregg (vocals) and Dan Gildea (guitar), Red Bird’s sound is led by powerful yet tender vocals with mind-bending guitar features. Bre and Dan are magic together organically sharing the lead in a way that brings both to the forefront. Jeff Langston (bass) and Charlie Doggett (drums) create driving rhythms you will feel. Dancing between soul, R&B and roots, their sound is both electrifying and intimate. You will be transported to a dimly lit and pulsating music club, but somehow feel you are listening in your best friend’s living room. 

Bre is known for her complete vulnerability on stage, captivating even the coldest audience. Her writing is filled with joyful, painful and deeply honest feelings about her experiences being human on this crazy planet…something we can all relate to. Leaving a Red Bird show you will feel energized and inspired, somehow feeling as though these songs were written just for you.    

Recent festivals + appearances

Washington State Fair, Art in the Vineyard, Salem Art Festival, Astoria Seafood and Wine Festival, The Lake Theater, Peninsula Art Center, Columbia Center for the Arts, Alberta Rose Theater with appearances on Good Day Oregon (Fox 12), Portland Radio Project, Marti’s Music Kitchen and two feature articles in Oregon Music News and Vortex Music Magazine. 



Press Photos

Press Quotes

Just interviewed my favorite Portland band! If you like the music of Bonnie Raitt, Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Patsy Cline or Nina Simone, you will love Red Bird’s music.”

— Stephanie Kralevich, More Good Day Oregon (Fox 12)